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If you’re looking to make your college experience better and much more memorable then I highly recommend getting involved! At every college campus there are several opportunities to allow students to be involved. These opportunities can range from different clubs and organizations to Greek life, and intramurals. It’s so important to get involved at your college because it’s a great way to meet new people and looks great on a college resume when applying for jobs.


Last semester I was a part of a co-ed intramurals volleyball team.  I loved playing on an intramurals team because I made so many new friends playing the sport I love. There are intramurals teams for basketball, soccer, flag football, volleyball, softball, and much more to choose from on your college campus. If you’re not into sports then there are still other options open to you such as clubs or Greek life. At Texas State specifically, we have over 370 student organizations to choose from! Every college campus provides different clubs for anyone, helping you discover your passions and strengths.

Being involved at your college helps build community. Since you’re leaving your family and a lot of your friends behind, getting involved helps discover new friends with similar interests. It also leads to a great resume showing future employers what you have to offer through all of the activities and organizations that you took part in. College is the prime time for you to try new things and getting involved has so many benefits with some that you see right away and others that build with time. I’ve attached a link below offering other great reasons as to why getting involved in college is important and beneficial to you 🙂

Ways to get involved in college

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I am a freshman attending Texas State University and majoring in Public Relations and Mass Communication.
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    Great post! Thank you for sharing a link to my blog! 🙂

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